Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seed beginnings.

Start by sprinkling the tobacco seeds onto the surface of seed starting mix and lightly water in. Do not cover the seed with any soil as they need light for germination and covering can slow down germination time or if covered too deeply by dirt the seed won't germinate at all, watering in lightly is all that is needed. Use a Mist Spray The best method for the beggining. I used the Burpee Growing System So you never have to water it. There is a picture of the Burpee Growing System all the way down at the bottom of this page


Ron Russell said...

I know nothing about growing tobacco, just started my blog to help people who smoke and are tired of high abusive taxes. I am putting you site on my blog roll at United Smokers and Drinkers Against Tax Abuse

expat said...

I found, through trial and error, that after sprinkling the seed on top of moist, warmed starting soil, if you cover them with cigarette ash and keep them warm (75 - 80f), they germinate very quickly. The nitrogen in the ash gives them a jump start.

A week before I plan to start seed, I pick the butts out of the ashtrays and dump the ash in a small tupperware tub. It doesn't take a lot. I just dust it over the seed from a teaspoon.