Sunday, June 14, 2009

You Dont need a Cureing facility!

Just a day ago i was talkin to my friend and he said that when he was down south most of his friends who lived in the city would just hang the tobacco in the garage and let it sit for a while until it was brown and then smoke it right there. I Havent yet been able to try this because my plants are just now medium height but if anyone tries it please leave a comment and tell me how it worked.


Eddie said...

I have some virginia gold special that's been hanging for over a year. It's really flavor full, but too harsh to smoke by itself. I'm hoping more time will smooth it out.

wildbill654 said...

Had(have) same problem and have to mix with purchased to use. I don't think that it is the time factor, but more in the curing area. I live in Va. in the bright leaf region, but I hung in late Sept, after the heat and humidity left. This year I am picking in July and hanging while I have 90 temps and 90+ humidity. That way I get at least 6 weeks in good air curing weather. I have to wait and see.